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Our Tanning Services


Our Cyberdome is the largest bed in our facility.  It has 52 bulbs, both standard & bronzing bulbs.

We have ten 20-minute standard beds & three 10-minute standard beds in our facility.


We also have 2 stand-up beds.  These beds run for 12 minutes.

Our Magic Tan is a quick way to get an instant tan.   This is an automatic spray booth.
Magic Tan
Massage Chair

We also offer 2 relaxation rooms.  This one consists of the Massage Chair.  Check out our prices page for prices.

The second relaxation room we offer is the Massage Aqua Bed. 
Massage Bed

Belinda Perry is our manager.  If you have any questions or problems, you may want to speak with her.

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To contact Neon Beach:
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